Double Shaft Shred Machine Crusher

How To Select an Industrial Shredder Machine for Your Business

Double Shaft Shred Machine Crusher

Selecting the suitable industrial shredder for your business is a vital choice that can notably impact your operations, productiveness, and backside line. Industrial shredders are effective machines designed to shred numerous substances into smaller, greater attainable pieces. These machines have applications in a huge range of industries, such as recycling, production, healthcare, food processing, and more.

Settling on the perfect business shredder machine involves thoroughly understanding your particular commercial enterprise’s desires. 

This guide intends to provide insights into the types of shredder machines and how you can choose one for your business. It will also provide the market share of industrial shredder machines.

Market share of industrial shredder machine

Small metal shredder

As reported by Research and Markets, the shredder machine market share was around US$1.1 billion in 2022. This market value is anticipated to witness a steady boom, accomplishing an expected length of US$1.3 billion through 2030. The increase represents a CAGR of 1.8% in the evaluation length from 2022 to 2030.

In America, the industrial shredder machines marketplace is estimated to be worth around US$309.3 million, occupying the largest share of the market in 2022. China, the arena’s 2nd-largest economy, is anticipated to enjoy a sturdy increase, with a projected market size of US$235.1 million by 2030, demonstrating a CAGR of 2.3% from 2022 to 2030.

Other tremendous geographic markets include Japan and Canada, which are anticipated to develop at about 1.6% and 1.3%, respectively, over the forecast period. Germany is also projected to experience consistent growth in Europe, with a predicted CAGR of around 1.6%. These forecasts spotlight the worldwide call for industrial shredder machines and the various growth prices throughout one-of-a-kind regions.

Types of shredder machines

1. Single-shaft shredder

Film and fabric single shaft shredder for plastic

Single-shaft shredders include a single rotating shaft equipped with a couple of blades or knives. The shaft’s rotation pulls within the material and tears it aside towards a desk-bound counter-knife. This shredder machine is flexible and might deal with a vast substance of plastic, wood, rubber, paper, and more. It’s appropriate for packages requiring managed output length and slight throughput. 

The velocity of a single shaft shredder normally varies from 60 to 100 rotations per minute (RPM), depending on the unique version and alertness of the machine.

Prices of single-shaft shredders vary based totally on their ability, functions, and emblem, averaging between US$ 8,000 to US$ 100,000 or more, depending on specifications. 

2. Dual-shaft shredder

Twin shaft industrial plastic lumps shredder

Dual-shaft shredders, or two-shaft shredders, feature interlocking shafts with sharp blades or knives. Fabric is fed among the rotating shafts, where the blades shred it into smaller, extra possible portions. This type is known for its excessive throughput ability and performance in shredding hard and cumbersome materials like metals, giant plastic gadgets, and industrial waste.

The twin-shaft design guarantees powerful shredding from each shaft, resulting in a finer output. A dual-shaft shredder machine typically performs at speeds ranging from 25 to 80 RPM, considering the effective shredding of a significant type of material. The average rate of a twin shaft shredder varies based totally on its capability, features, and logo. Buying costs can range from approximately US$8,000 to US$ 300,000 or more.

3. Four-shaft shredder

Four-shaft shredding machine

A four-shaft shredder uses four interlocking shafts, each geared up with sharp blades or cutters. The material is subjected to a dual-degree shredding device(cross shredder), first by the primary edges and then via the secondary cutters. This results in alternatively regular and small-sized shredded products.

These machines can deal with massive volumes of materials and are perfect for applications requiring an excessive stage of shredding precision, which includes different record destruction and e-waste processing. With their motors running between 10 to 25 RPM, the four shaft models provide exceptional shredding of multiple materials for specific applications.

Four-shaft shredders’ price varies highly depending on capacity, features,, and brand, averaging between US$ 12,000 to US$ 500,000 or more according to the components.

4. High-speed shredder

Powerful automatic feeding large plastic crusher

A high-speed shredder machine operates at much higher rotations per minute than other types, making it convenient for rapidly processing materials in large volumes. These machines efficiently deal with heavy materials such as plastics, industrial wastes or batches, metals, and hardwoods. They are versatile and applicable in various industries that need mass processing and material reduction.  

Fast-moving shredders operate above 1,000 RPM, which results in prompt and effective material processing. A high-speed shredder’s cost depends on the motor power, functions, and brand. Prices can range from around US$ 50,000 to US$ 500,000.

How to select an industrial shredder machine for your business

1. Price

Industrial shredder machine price ranges extensively based on type, capacity, functions, material, and brand. Depending on the workload you intend the shredder machine to cater to in the industry, a mid-range or high-end machine would be the better option. 

For instance, a mid-capability dual shaft shredder is priced between US$ 5,000 to US$ 10,000.

A high-potential, heavy-obligation four-shaft shredder costs upwards of US$ 50,000. While price range constraints are vital, investing in a high-priced, terrific shredder can decrease maintenance and operational costs through the years, even though it should fall within your budget.

2. Material to be processed

Used rubber tyre-shredding recycling machine

The type of material your enterprise wishes to shred is essential, as different shredders are designed for unique substances. Plastics require a plastic shredder with a sturdy layout and sharp blades, while metal requires a heavy-obligation shredder machine with hardened edges and put-on-resistant additives for metallic shredding.

Paper and documents need a paper shredder machine with cross-reduce or micro-reduce skills for steady file destruction. Settling on a shredder machine that suits your needs perfectly reduces inefficiencies and harm.

3. Capacity

Waste plastic bottle twin shaft shredder

Capacity refers to the quantity of material a shredder can shred within a particular timeframe, often measured in kilograms per hour.  A shredder machine with a larger capacity is primarily a heavy-duty shredder and fits in large busy industries. Typically, a commercial twin shaft shredder may deal with 500 to 1,000 kilos per hour, while a heavy-obligation 4-shaft shredder can system several tons per hour.

Generally, a shredder with an ability that matches or exceeds your daily processing wishes works well by avoiding overloading while maximizing performance.

4. Portability

Portability is essential for moving the shredder within your facility or requiring it for cell applications as per work demands. They are equipped with wheels for smooth relocation inside a facility or for on-web page shredding services. This factor provides flexibility and helps businesses adapt to changes in the workflow by allowing easy repositioning of the machine. 

It also reduces the time and cost of relocating the materials, which would consume more time than moving the machine.

5. Speed

PET industrial plastic crusher

The speed of a shredder machine is measured in rotations per minute (RPM), impacting how quickly substances are processed. Shredding machines vary significantly in speed due to their type, features, and functionality. For instance, some single-shaft shredders perform at around 60 to 100 RPM while others do at a higher rate.

High-velocity shredders can exceed 1,000 RPM for fast material reduction, making them perfect for speedy processing.  

6. Feed type

Shredders have distinctive feed mechanisms, which include manual, car-feed, and conveyor belt options. Manual feed-type or manual shredder machines require human presence to load the material to shred, while automatic feed-type shredders automatically pull materials from a hopper or tray. Conveyor belt systems constantly feed materials into the shredder for excessive-volume programs and are convenient in heavy-duty shredding industries.

7. Noise level

Double shaft thin metal sheet shredding machine

Noise levels can vary extensively between shredders and can affect your workspace’s consolation. Shredder machines differ significantly in noise level depending on the type and function. Some shredders, like a mini paper shredder, are designed with noise reduction functions and may function at around 50 to 70 decibels. 

In contrast, heavy-responsibility shredders can produce noise degrees exceeding 85 decibels. Assessing the noise tolerance on the workspace can help pick a target shredder with a noise degree that complies with local regulations and the comfort of your personnel.


Choosing a business shredder for your commercial enterprise involves considering numerous vital factors. Start by assessing your finances and knowledge of the substances you want to use. Consider the preferred capability, portability, pace, feed type, and noise stage that align with your operations. 

Enhance your operations by visiting the most convenient shredder machine supplier,, to explore various industrial shredder machines to reinforce your commercial enterprise performance.





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