A dry ice blasting machine

Efficiently Cleaning the Eco-Friendly Way With Dry Ice Blasting

A dry ice blasting machine

Dry ice blasting is an innovation that is taking the lead toward being one of the future’s major moves. It stands apart from conventional cleaning techniques because it utilizes solid CO2 pellets fired at high velocities to remove contaminants on any surface instead of using abrasives and chemicals. In essence, this approach is an attractive combination of affordability and environmentalism. The dry ice cleaning machine is critical to this entire procedure, as it is responsible for producing and propelling these highly specialized CO2 pellets. 

This article will explore the universe of dry ice blasting, analyzing its effectiveness, eco-friendly, and application areas.

Market share of dry ice blasting machine

FOKIT-CL5K mini dry ice blasting machine

According to Data Intelo, the global dry ice blasting machine market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% from 2021 to 2028. Dry ice blasting has become the solution of choice for companies and industries around the globe looking to reduce their environmental footprint while minimizing exposure to hazardous chemicals. 

Rapid and thorough cleaning through dry ice blasting is very valued in industries like manufacturing, automotive, and food processing, where downtime is too expensive. The most lucrative markets for dry ice cleaning machines are North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. 

How dry ice blasting works

Dry ice machine for industrial cleaning

The process starts when CO2 is compressed and chilled into gaseous CO2 until a stunningly low temperature of near -78.5°C (-109.3°F) is reached. When it crystallizes under pressure, it becomes small, hard granules about 2 cm in diameter. These pellets are then loaded into a dry ice blasting machine, and this method continues until all the dirt is completely removed from the surface.

The dry ice cleaning machine uses compressed air to accelerate the dry ice pellets to high speeds and expel them through a Gun/Nozzle to hit the target surface. Soon after, various cleaning processes, such as thermal shock, kinetic energy, and vaporization, take effect. Collectively, these processes cause the contaminants to shrink away, solidify, and delaminate from the surface. 

No residual remains when you hit an object with dry ice since it converts into CO2 gas on impact. The efficiency and greenness that come with dry ice blasting make it more popular daily among various industries for cleaning purposes. 

Efficiency of dry ice blasting 

1. Speed and effectiveness

Commercial dry ice cleaning machine

Dry ice blasting is known for its lightning-fast speed and effectiveness in killing germs on surfaces. The machine works by firing high-pressure ice pellets at the target area and triggering a cleaning mechanism when they hit. The pellet-generated kinetic energy is used to knock off debris, and the extreme chill makes dust freeze and crack, making it easier to wash away. 

It also allows easier access to more detailed and hard-to-reach places, which leads to a faster cleaning process. This decreases the requirement for manpower and expense costs, resulting in remarkable savings.

2. No residue or secondary waste

Unlike typical household cleaning methods, dry ice involves harsh physical substances often mixed with unstable chemical compounds and excessive water usage. It converts from a solid to a gas at the point of contact in what’s often called sublime. Due to this property, there is no need for excessive cleaning & waste disposal, which saves time & cost involved with waste management. 

3. Versatility

A dry ice blasting machine

Dry ice blasting is one highly versatile cleaning technique that can be used for a comprehensive range of surfaces and materials, from delicate electronic parts and industrial pieces to mold cleanings and food processing facilities. That flexibility makes a dry ice blasting machine valuable in environments where you might encounter various surfaces, materials, or impurities. 

Its capacity is extensive because this dry ice cleaning machine can clean any pollutant such as oil, grease, colorless, oil paints, adhesive residue, oxide, scale, and others. 

4. Reduced equipment wear

Advanced dry ice blasting/cleaning machine

The dry ice blasting method is non-abrasive and separates itself from the standard abrasive cleaning alternatives. A dry ice-cleaning machine removes contaminants without damaging or harming the surfaces and equipment underneath. Using traditional abrasive techniques such as sandblasting or bead blasting can produce erosion, causing surface damage, and resulting in expenses for repairs or replacements. 

The eco-friendly aspect of dry ice blasting 

Dry ice blasting is distinguished by its eco-friendly solid characteristics, making it a preferred choice for environmentally conscious cleaning. Its primary environmental advantage lies in eliminating hazardous chemicals and significantly reducing water usage during cleaning processes. 

Unlike conventional methods that rely on chemicals often harmful to the environment, a dry ice blasting machine employs solid carbon dioxide (CO2) pellets as the cleaning medium, which are non-toxic and pose no harm to ecosystems. This eco-conscious approach aligns seamlessly with the global emphasis on sustainability and responsible resource utilization. 

As companies and industries increasingly prioritize environmental responsibility, dry ice blasting serves as a cleaner, greener alternative, diminishing the environmental footprint of cleaning operations. 

Applications of dry ice blasting 

1. Industrial cleaning

A dry ice cleaning machine

A dry ice blasting machine is significantly employed in commercial settings for cleaning various systems and surfaces. This technique utilizes high-velocity dry ice pellets to remove contaminants from commercial equipment, production equipment, and production lines, including grease, oil, paint, and scale.

A dry ice cleaning machine can smooth molds, conveyor belts, and extrusion devices in manufacturing flora. In the automobile industry, it efficaciously eliminates residual adhesives from manufacturing devices used in the assembly of automobiles. 

2. Food processing

The food processing enterprises benefit from dry ice blasting because of its non-toxic and non-abrasive nature. It is used to smooth gadgets, including mixers, ovens, conveyors, and packaging machinery. This helps do away with food residues, contaminants, and microbial boom without introducing dangerous chemical substances or water.

3. Aerospace

Automotive and mold industry dry ice blasting machine

The aerospace industry relies on a dry ice blasting machine to clean aircraft components, engines, and tooling. Aircraft engine maintenance often involves cleaning turbine blades and engine components. A dry ice-blasting machine safely removes carbon deposits, oil, and debris from these sensitive components. In aerospace manufacturing, it’s used to clean molds and tooling used in the fabrication of aircraft parts. 

4. Historical restoration

Dry ice blasting is a useful tool in the healing of historical buildings, monuments, and artifacts. This method removes dirt, graffiti, paint, and other contaminants from sensitive ancient surfaces without inflicting harm. When restoring a historic building’s façade, a dry ice blasting machine can effectively remove antique paint layers and atmospheric pollution whilst maintaining the architectural info.

5. Fire and smoke damage restoration

AUTOOL HTS708 dry ice cleaning machine

A dry ice cleaning machine is essential in recovering homes broken by fireplaces and smoke. After a fire, a dry ice machine can clean walls, ceilings, and structural additives, casting off soot and smoke residue. Residential fireplace harm restoration is used to smooth and repair family gadgets like home equipment, furnishings, and HVAC structures. 


Dry ice blasting is an outstanding cleaning answer that combines performance and environmental friendliness. Its top-notch speed and effectiveness in removing contaminants across numerous surfaces make it a popular preference in many industries. Additionally, its eco-friendly functions, the absence of toxic chemical compounds, and minimal water usage align perfectly with the global push toward sustainability. 

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