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Best Saucer Chairs for Dorm Rooms: Here Are the 5 Most Comfortable Ones

Nothing excites new college students like having a dorm room to study, relax, sleep, and entertain guests. However, designing and arranging a 100-square-foot space to accommodate beds and desks can be challenging. 

Finding a comfortable seating place in tiny dorm rooms seems too much to ask. But with foldable saucer chairs, one can utilize compact spaces without feeling cramped. 

This article discusses the 5 most comfortable dorm room chairs to create an inviting living space without sacrificing your style. 

5 Best Saucer Chairs for Dorm Rooms

Here are 5 best dish chairs for dorms to help students stay organized.

Moon Faux Fur Saucer Chair

Many college students love the Moon faux saucer chair for its versatility. Made with faux fur, it provides guests with an ideal cozy place to chill out.

The luxurious feel of the faux fur fabric is inviting for students who want to relax after a long lecture day. You can use it for reading, relaxing, and playing video games. 

It comes pre-assembled with a foldable design to save on space. One can easily fold and keep it away under the bed or behind the dresser when not in use. 

This folding saucer chair‘s padding and fur make it comfortable, while its metal frame ensures stability. It comes in different sizes depending on one’s space and budget. Besides gray, the chair comes in different colors one can choose from to suit their home décor. 

The foldable frame has a lock to prevent folding while sitting, and its non-slip rubber pad makes it suitable for any floor. Milliard saucer chair is easy to clean using mild detergent and moist cloth without soaking it. 

Moon Chair Set

White and pink Moon saucer chairs

Students who want to add an element of sophistication and comfort to their dorm space without sacrificing space love Moon Chair Set. These dish chairs are designed using high-quality materials to ensure durability. 

They come pre-assembled, meaning customers can start enjoying them immediately after purchase. And because they are foldable, they can suit any dorm space. 

Its frame is made of solid metal that can carry up to 250 pounds, and its soft fur fabric ensures they’re comfortable to sit in. Visitors are likely to overstay sitting on this chair. 

Most students love to use them for a reclined sitting experience. They’re ideal for love birds reading story books to one another or for relaxing after a long day in class. 

Butterfly Saucer chair 

Purple faux fur and brown leather-padded butterfly saucer chairs

These rocking saucer chairs have a butterfly frame design and are made from different materials, including faux fur, leather, and upholstery. They are comfortable for relaxing and reading after classes. 

They’re also foldable, meaning one can keep them in a compact space to create more space in the dorm room when needed. 

And because they come in different colors, materials, and sizes, customers can choose what fits their dorm décor. For example, girls may wear a purple Plush Faux Fur Butterfly Chair, while men prefer a leather-padded butterfly chair

Hexagon saucer chair

A Gray Hexagon saucer chair

College students look for comfortable chairs with a large seating space, and a hexagon saucer chair fits the bill. This trendy chair is cute, light, and foldable. One can fold it and keep it in a corner to create more space. 

Hexagon dish chairs come in different colors, allowing you to choose depending on your dorm room aesthetics. They are comfortable, but one can add a faux fur pillow to make them cozier. 

It’s one of those chairs one would want to lounge around while binging TikTok or YouTube videos. 

Commercial Saucer Chair with foot pedal

A maroon commercial saucer chair with a metallic foot pedal

This piece of furniture suits students who want to add an element of royalty to their dorm rooms. Commercial saucer chairs are often used in home offices, office buildings, hotels, gyms, and beauty salons. 

It’s made using leather, high-density, and high-rebound sponge. The inner sofa is strengthened with a steel snake spring to ensure stability. And it has a rotating steel-made foot paddle to accommodate weight. 

However, this saucer chair is not foldable, unlike the other models discussed earlier. A student will have to trade space with its aesthetic appeal. Moreover, it comes in different colors that suit girls’ and boys’ dorm décor.  

What to consider when choosing a dorm saucer chair. 

Top-rated foldable saucer chairs for dorm rooms

When it comes to purchasing an ideal dish chair for a dorm room, one should take into consideration several factors. Let’s discuss one at a time. 

Size and weight of the dorm chair

Since dorm rooms are often small spaces, they determine the size of the saucer chair one buys. While most students want big and comfortable chairs, they shouldn’t be so big that they occupy much space. 

A relatively small, lightweight, and comfy saucer chair is easy to set up and move around when needed. So, strike a balance between size, weight, and space. 


A saucer chair with premium faux fur and extra padding for comfort

No one wants to invest in an uncomfortable saucer chair. Therefore, ensure the chair has a soft pad or faux fur to accommodate extended seating. 

A generously padded seat can evenly distribute weight and pressure on the material. This will provide comfort and increase the chair’s lifespan. 

For instance, the plastic dorm chairs have proper support for the lumbar and back. These features are valuable for students who want to read or relax on these chairs. 

Color and style 

Besides comfort, most students want a chair that will improve the overall appearance of their dorm rooms. A perfect dish chair should have an attractive design and color complementing the room’s décor. 

Depending on the preferred tone, dorm chairs should provide aesthetic value to one’s living space. Check out the moon saucer chairs that come in different colors and designs for your room decor. 


The material used to make a dorm saucer chair should be easy to clean. Ease of cleaning is an essential consideration since spills and accidents are the order of the day in the dorm environment. So, choose a chair with an easy-to-wipe surface or removable and washable covers. 

Another worthy element of material one should consider is sustainability. Interestingly, some saucer chairs, like the Garden Round Moon chair, are made of sustainable faux fur fabric. 

Durability and warranty

Foldable saucer chairs may be inexpensive, but they still require substantial investment. Once you’ve bought it, you’ll want it to serve you for a long time, hence the need to choose a chair with solid and sturdy materials. 

And the best way to guarantee durability is through a warranty. Choose brands with longer warranty periods because they demonstrate that their dorm chairs are quality. Improve Your Dorm Room Comfort with Saucer Chairs

When arranging dorm room seating, saucer chairs are a no-brainer. They’re comfortable, stylish, and save on space. 

However, not all saucer chairs are similar, so one should evaluate their dorm room needs before buying. Prioritize comfort and aesthetic appeal, but ensure the chair won’t take up all the space.

Dorm room saucer chairs can transform one’s living room into a haven of study and relaxation. Check out Alibaba.com for endless choices. 





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